High school is tough, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. If you are behind on credits and wondering how you will finish your diploma, it’s time to try something different.
     Sarah Pyle Academy may just be that "different" approach that works for YOU! In a sentence we are a non-traditional, blended learning, dropout prevention, flex model, personalized learning program that has helped hundreds of students in the Christina School District finish high school and prepare for a successful future.
    Does that sound like any other High School in Delaware to you??
    What do we do differently at Sarah Pyle Academy?
    • The average class size is 12 students per class.
    • Flexible scheduling that includes work experience opportunities and other flexible schedules that work for YOUR SITUATION.
    • Individualized course planning and goal setting with as much or as little personalization that makes sense for YOU.
    • Twice monthly collaborative goal setting and monitoring, guiding you to self regulate your learning and align strategies for maximized SUCCESS.
    • Personalized curriculum that fit how you learn best with dedicated teacher who are continually growing in personalized and digital learning and strategies.
    • State of the art technology and online resources extend learning beyond the classroom.
    • Social Emotional Learning concepts are a part of everything we do, helping you learn about content, but also about yourself.
    • Opportunity for CTE Certification Program, Cross-Aged Mentorship/Leadership Program, Job/Internship Skill Development to give you valuable work skills and experiences.
    • Sarah Pyle Academy is a Google APPS for Education school where all students will work towards Google Certification while completing their required credits for their high school diploma.
    • Rigorous curriculum options that combine online and text based resources to give students options that will help prepare them for multiple options after high school, including college, trade school, military, or full time employment, including dual enrollment college course options for qualifying students.
    • Comprehensive student support services including career and college planning, life skills, health and wellness, counseling services, cross age mentoring, and resources for parents.


    Imagine a school where the student gets a say in what they learn, when they learn it, how they learn it and even in how they may demonstrate that they mastered their learning.... A place where learning how to make smart choices is just as important as learning square roots and sentence structure.
    SPA STUDENTS will - Work smarter, not harder, by using the technology and the strategies that are best for your individual learning style.  To compliment your academic experience students have the flexibility to continue to work in their existing jobs experiences, or participate in our certification CTE college programs, cross-aged mentorship/leadership program, or career/aligned internship program. 
    This is Sarah Pyle Academy, but don’t take our word for it. Check out our photos, videos, and student testimonials for a first-hand perspective on what Sarah Pyle Academy can do for you.
    To listen to what our students have to say, check out our Photo and Video albums, or browse through some of our Testimonials, also found under "Admissions."