Educational Philosophy

  • Knowledge provides the ultimate means of preserving the quality of life and assuring a literate, responsible, democratic society. As educators, we are committed to the processes of learning by which our students may achieve the wisdom necessary to face the challenges of the Twenty-first Century.

    In a rapidly changing social structure, Christiana Campus' educational curriculum is designed to meet a far greater range of student needs than ever before. To meet these demands, our curricular and co-curricular offerings stimulate academic and intellectual growth and include vocational and avocational training, physical fitness and career education in cooperation with the community in addition, curriculum content requires constant revision and interdisciplinary application to ensure the maximum educational experience. Alternative programs and ancillary services supplement academic study; specialized competencies accompany the teaching of basic literacy; expressive opportunities enrich the entire program. To assure a substantive and meaningful education, we seek to establish realistic goals, to measure progress and to maintain challenging standards for all abilities.

    Because teachers are both general educators and specialists, we guide the development of the complete individual: intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically. The Christiana faculty offers support and structure as role models for students, sharing their respect and trust. As caring and concerned teachers, we maintain an optimistic climate in which instruction can be given equitably to students.

    By discovering their individual needs, abilities and potential, students become participants in creating a balanced learning environment. In such an atmosphere, critical aspects of student development will occur: self-examination, self-discipline, a sense of self-worth and a sense of responsibility to the learning process. The basic skills of thinking, listening, speaking, reading, writing and computation are refined so that reasoning, literate individuals can become responsible citizens, aware of their rights and accountable for their actions.

    The community whose children we teach bears responsibility for public education. Therefore, mutual trust and communication is encouraged between the school and the community. An appreciation of cultural, ethnic and individual differences strengthens that bond. Christiana High School and Christiana Middle School Honors Academy, students, the parents, and the community share an obligation to assure a positive and educationally rewarding high school experience.