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    Fee Waivers for SAT’s and College Applications

    Students who are eligible for the Federal Subsidized Lunch Program are also eligible to receive FEE WAIVERS for taking the SAT’s. The Fee Waivers are available in the guidance offices. Using a Fee Waiver to take SAT’s during the senior year, then makes the student eligible to receive a maximum of four Fee Waivers for college applications (accepted at participating colleges/universities).

    For more information about Fee Waivers, please contact the guidance office.

    Senior Reminders

    College/Scholarship Applications - All college/scholarship applications (even certain pages of online applications) must be given to your school counselor for completion (e.g. attachment of an official transcript, counselor, recommendation/comments).  Please be reminded that all information is due to the counselor two weeks prior to any due date.  

    Scholarships - All seniors should have received the Delaware Compendium of scholarships in the mail.  Information is mailed to the address that is on record with the school district.  

    College Acceptance/Scholarship Awards - Copies of college acceptance letters and scholarship award letters should be given to your school counselor. This information is worthy of acknowledgment, but we cannot give acknowledgment if we do not know about these honors.




    If a student plans to major in a subject that is not offered in a state college/university (e.g. architecture) the student may qualify for tuition assistance through the Scip Program or the Academic Common Market. For information about these programs, please read the Scholarship Compendium that was given to each CHS senior in September or call the Delaware Higher Education Commission at 302-577-3240 or 1-800-292-7935.


    All seniors should have received a copy of their transcript and a senior credit check letter at the end of the year. Please hold on to this transcript. You will need the information about GPA and overall credits to fill out college applications. Each senior will meet individually with his or her guidance counselor to review the transcript in early September. Please review schedules when they arrive to make sure all necessary classes for graduation appear on the schedule. All seniors should also be receiving a postcard in the mail about suggestions for the college search process.

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