Classroom Rules

  • Classroom Rules, Consequences & Work Expectations

    The first several weeks, we will be learning new routines and schedules for our new year. Here's a quick look at my classroom rules.


    • Listen when the teacher is talking (eyes on teacher, mouth quiet)
    • Raise a quiet hand; don't call out
    • Stay in seat during work time
    • Keep hands and feet to self
    • Show respect to others


    • First redirection - verbal warning.
    • Second redirection - turn ticket to blue (visual warning).
    • Third redirection - turn ticket to yellow (time may be deducted from recess).
    • Fourth redirection - turn ticket to red (time will be deducted from recess,  parent contact and possible office referral ).

    A student may work his/her way back one ticket by making very good behavior choices for the rest of the day.

    Work Expectations

    Students are expected to do their best on school work. This includes working neatly. Students may be asked to redo work when minimal effort was given.

    If class work is not completed due to behavior issues (i.e. talking or playing at the desk), the student will be asked to complete it at recess time.

    Students are expected to complete homework. This includes read to, or with, an adult each night.