• Tree for Mrs. Brader Mrs. Brader Honored with a Memorial Apple Tree! Thank You Wagner Family!
    By Wendy Wagner

    Through the years of going to school at Henry M. Brader, our children, Morgan and Jesse have come home with a lot of different projects, but their favorites were always something that grew. Morgan in kindergarten grew a zinnia flower from seed; we planted it in our garden and it grew 2 feet tall. Jesse's favorite was the pea plant that actually produced some peas. Even their MAD science classes after school had a "growing lesson," Morgan came home with a cabbage plant. But their favorite seed is a seed that they planted at home. One of their favorite fruits to eat is apples, all different kinds, from sweet to tart. After polishing off a juicy snack of Gala or Red Delicious, they collected the seeds from the core of the apple and we placed them in Dixie cups on the kitchen window sill. We decided to see if we could actually grow an apple tree. We planted two seeds and got two little sprouts in each up. Read the complete article, "The Seeds of Learning."