School History

  • Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Hones Albert H. Jones Elementary School (1935)

    Jones Elementary School was initially named Christiana Salem. It was renamed Albert H. Jones (“Jones” for short) after Dr. Albert H. Jones, a DuPont employee, member of the Christiana community, and former state school board president. The school library is named after his wife, Sylvia Jones, a longtime leader of the Christiana Historical Society and newspaper columnist.

    Jones Elementary School was initially built in 1934 and opened in 1935 for white students. However, during segregation, some people in Christiana were unsettled because they believed black students had a better school than white students. So the school was torn down and rebuilt. The original Albert H. Jones building was small but was expanded in 1967, adding a second story, eight classrooms to the side, and two kindergarten rooms to the rear. Another renovation took place in 2004 with many updates, and the school also became more handicap accessible with the addition of ramps and an elevator.  

    Albert H. Jones Elementary School currently has approximately 350 students from diverse backgrounds, including race, ethnicity, and language; fostering inclusion and awareness and taking a culturally responsive approach to teaching the benefits of all students.