Welcome to Jones Elementary School

  • Jones Elementary School  
    Jones Elementary school is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) school, that give students the opportunity to learn using the latest technology. We have LCD projectors, Smartboards, document cameras, digital cameras, desktop computers, laptops, and IPADs.  Technology lab1, has 30 desktop computer workstations. Technology lab2, has 30 laptop workstations.  12 desktop computer workstations are available to students in our school library.  Jones Elementary has 4 laptop carts used by our 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade teams. Each cart holds 30 laptops. We also have two IPAD carts used by our 3rd & 4th grade teams. Each IPAD cart holds 30 IPADs.  5th grade students are issued a 1 to 1 IPAD which is assigned to them for the school year.
    To further enhance our STEM initiative, we’ve partnered with NorthBay Adventures who are leading our environmental education initiative. Students in 4th & 5th grade investigate environmental issues in and around the Jones Elementary School community and come up with solutions to alleviate issues identified. These issues include habitat modification related to loss of suitable habitat for native flora and fauna, and degraded water quality in local tributaries. Students travel to local tributaries to investigate the health of the water. They are also guided to reflect and make connections on how the choices they make impact the environment. Students also built 2 raised plant flowering bed structures that house native plants. The purpose is to provide a pollinator presence and increase suitable habitat for native fauna.
    At Jones, we focus on “The Whole Child”. We’ve been a PBS (Positive, Behavioral, Support) school for many years. We are also Bucket Fillers. Please ask your child if he has filled someone’s bucket today. We will continue to reach for the stars and constantly remind students to stay on Coach AJ’s T.E.A.M. Which means they must:

    ry their best
    Express kindness to all
    Always be respectful
    Make responsible choices