Terence Savagel

  • Dear Parents and Guardians,


    Welcome to Oberle Elementary's music department! We are excited to begin an academic year of musical exploration and advancement with your exceptional children.


    At Oberle, our music curriculum is not just about playing instruments or singing. It's a comprehensive program designed to meet the diverse needs and interests of our students, ensuring a well-rounded musical education.


    In Kindergarten and first grade, we focus on :

    • Enhancing foundational reading skills and
    • We foster a solid musical literacy base


    From the Second to the Fifth grade, we focus on the following:

    - Comprehensive program covering all aspects of music education

    - Aimed at improving music reading proficiency, instrumental skills, and expressive capabilities through movement


    Our curriculum emphasizes creative rhythmic improvisation and developing various musical skills to ensure a holistic and engaging learning experience for every student. Key areas of focus include:


    • Reading Music Notation
    • Music Content Literacy
    • Pitch Recognition and Ear Training
    • Music Dictation and Composition
    • Improvisation and Creative Expression
    • Vocal Technique and Ensemble Singing
    • Instrumental Skills and Ensemble Playing
    • Music Theory and Analysis
    • Music History and Cultural Context
    • Performance Etiquette and Stage Presence


    Throughout the year, we will use various effective assessment strategies, including:

    - Higher-order questioning techniques

    - Observational assessments and

    - Detailed pre/post-evaluations


    These tools will help us assess and track each student's progress in music content and reading comprehension, ensuring continuous growth and development throughout the academic year.


    We are dedicated to fostering a supportive and stimulating learning environment where every child can thrive and realize their full musical potential. Welcome to our exciting musical journey!




    Mr. Savagel