Terence Savagel

  • Dear Parents and Guardians, Welcome back. On behalf of Oberle Elementary’s music department I would like to welcome you to a bright and exciting new year.

    As in the past, we will begin this year with K through 1st grades developing greater reading skills and 2nd through 5th grades working towards expanding their music reading, instrumental performance and expressive movement.

    All classes will join in a host of creative rhythmic improvisation and various other skills.

    As always I plan to continue the use of higher level and essential questions and observational assessments.

    I will also continue to give pre and post assessment for learning to measure overall music content and reading knowledge development throughout the year.

    This years music elements continue to include... 
    • Reading Music Notation 
    • Music Content Literacy 
    • Pitch Recognition 
    • Music Dictation 
    • Improvisation 
    • Singing as an Ensemble 
    • Ensemble Playing 
    • Other music content standards and devices

    My yearly goal is to advance my classes both individually and corporately.

    Thank you for the opportunity to help grow your child's musical world.
     Sincerely, Mr. Savagel