Mark Staniec

  • Welcome to P.E.!

    I am Mr. Staniec and I am the Physical Education teacher at Leasure Elementary.

    In class I try to create an environment that promotes fitness, cooperation, respect, effort, and safety through various activities.  My goal is achieved in creating activities that are fun and educational.  Throughout the year we particpate in many activities from fitness to basketball to cooperative games and games that teach students about their heart and nutrition.

    In grades 3-5 we just practiced throwing and catching activities and played some games practicing open space.  We were able to play a modified football game that was similar to capture the flag.  The kids really enjoyed it.  It incorporated catching, throwing, tagging dodging etc.  All the movements you would use in a football game.

    In grades 3-5 we test students' fitness using the FITNESSGRAM.  Students are tested in Cardiovascular Endurance (PACER Test), Muscular Strength and Endurance (Push-ups and Curl ups, they are similar to a crunch), and Flexibilty (Sit and Reach, and Trunk Lift.)  We test in the Fall and Spring.  The students love the PACER test and always want to try to beat their previous scores

    Testing will begin the week of 10-13-14.  The PACER will be first, followed by push ups and curlups.  Flexibility testing will be last.

    In grades K-2 we practiced self-space to start the year.  Students should know how to move around the gym without running into others, staying safe and staying in boundaries.  We just finished up with soccer activities and will move onto fitness as well.

    Pictures will be posted soon.