• Library Hours

    The library is open every morning from 8:50 am to 9:10 am for Open Library Time. Open Library Time is when students may come down to the library to check books in and out or do research on the library computers. From 9:15 am to 3:35 pm, the library has scheduled classes everyday.

    Library Policies

    Students in grades K-2 may check out one book every time they come to the library. Students in grades 3-5 may check out two books every time they come to the library. Students know that they must return the books they have before they may check out other books.
    Parents: Please help your child find a safe place where he/she can keep their books so they will not get lost or damaged. If a book is lost or damaged, please know that you are responsible for the replacement cost of the book. There are no fines for overdue books, but I encourage students to be considerate and return their books on time.

    Library Volunteers

    Volunteers are always needed to help shelve books, process new orders, repair well-loved books, and help with other library duties. Please call or email if you are interested. I’d love to have your help.


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