Nurse's Corner


    1. All medications must be in the ORIGINAL container- no loose pills
    2. I must always have WRITTEN parent permission to administer any medication
    3. Prescription medication requires medical label with orders clearly spelled out
    4. Medications on field trips are handled by teachers


    1. Scoliosis screenings for 5th graders looking for abnormal growing curves of the back.  Parents will be notified if abnormalities are found.
    2. Vision/hearing screenings for K, 2 and 4th grades (others screened per teacher request).  Parents will be notified if abnormalities are found.
    3. I have a free resource for vision if you have insurance concerns.  Please contact me.


    1. These are required by law for all students.  Obtaining immunization shots is a key health and safety issue for all children.
    2. You will have two weeks to obtain missing shots after notification.
    3. Please obtain these shots to prevent school exclusion.
    4. Here are several resources for free or reduced health care including these essential shots:
      • HUDSON: 302-283-7587
      • WESTSIDE HEALTH: 302-455-0900
      • CENTER OF HOPE: 302-369-9370
      • Spanish is also spoken at all of the above sites.
  • Pat Durbano
    School Nurse

    Phone: 302-454-2180