Counseling at Wilson

  • Wilson School Counselor

    Mrs. Leah Oliver-Kuykendall, M.Ed.

    Known to Wilson Students as “Mrs. K.” 

    Phone:  (302) 454-2180 extension 46133



    Mrs. K is available to support all students with coping skills, social skills, and with learning and growing through life’s many changes and challenges.

    Classroom Involvement

    Mrs. K. will be a frequent visitor in your child’s classroom, presenting Social Emotional Learning curriculum, doing observations, and perhaps stopping in now and then to share a special book.  Students will also see Mrs. K helping at arrival and dismissal, and occasionally visiting on the playground or in the lunchroom.  Students may leave notes for Mrs. K. in her mailbox.

    Individual and Small Group Counseling

    Mrs. K. will be pulling children individual and in small groups to provide, short-term counseling focused on specific needs.  If you feel your child would benefit from this service, please reach out to Mrs. K to complete the necessary consent form. 

    Referrals and Community Resources

    Please reach out to Mrs. K. if you need assistance locating resources in the community for family counseling or therapy for your child.     

    If your child is in crisis, please contact Child Priority Response at 1 (800) 969-4357.

  • Mental Health Resources in the Community

    • Crisis Line – In case of an emergency Mental Health Issue, you can call the Crisis Line at 1-800-969-4357
    • Rockford Center – 24 hour emergency assessment - (302) 996-5480
    • Child Mental Health A government agency that will assist in finding appropriate mental health care for your child if you do not have private insurance:   (302) 633-5128
    • Delaware Guidance Services:  (302) 652-3945
    • Jewish Family Services:   (302) 478-9411
    • A.I. DuPont Behavioral Health:   (302) 651-4000
    • Children and Families First:   (302) 658-5177
    • Pike Creek Psychological Center: (302) 738-6859
    School Counselor
    Phone: (302) 454-2180