Advanced Academic Programs (AAP)

  • Language Arts

    We will be using reading and writing materials developed by the Center for Gifted Education at The College of William and Mary. We will begin the year in a reading comprehension series titled Jacob’s Ladder. This series helps build students’ higher level thinking skills. We will also be studying Greek and Latin roots and vocabulary. Each week students will be given vocabulary words/roots to study. There will be a quiz given each Friday on those words/roots. After completing the Jacob’s Ladder unit, we will begin our Language Arts unit on Change. Students will use stories, poetry, speeches and novels to study change in language.

    Math Enrichment

    We are using a program called Mentoring Mathematical Minds. Math topics covered include numbers, operations, algebra, geometry, data analysis and probability. We will begin the year in the Numbers and Operations unit. This is a hands-on math program to explore mathematical concepts. Students then use writing to explain what they have learned and how to solve mathematical problems in multiple ways
    Enrichment Teacher
    Phone: (302) 424-2180, ext. 46222