Clubs & Activities

  • Students in the Christina School District participate in dozens of clubs and student organizations. Some clubs are chapters of national organizations or activities, and students compete at the state, regional, and national levels. Other clubs are just for student enjoyment or provide a service to the community or school.

Girls on the Run

  • Girls on the Run is a place where girls learn that they can.
    No limits. No constraints. Only opportunities to be remarkable. Twice a week for 10 weeks, your girl will learn that her worth comes from within, that healthy relationships matter and that she can have an impact on the world around her. At the end of the season, she will be emotionally and physically prepared to complete a 5k event.

    Online registration opens February 13th but, no need to rush to your computer, you have 9 days to register until we run the lotteries on February 22nd.
    Available space on each team after the lottery is run will be open on a first come first serve basis.
    Season begins: week of March 6th

    For registration or more information:

Girls on the Run