Akeya Harding

  • 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Blast Off...

    Thank you for "Poppin" into Mrs. Harding's "Intergalactic" Successful Second Grade Classroom! 

    "Let's get  "Popping" R.E.A.D.Y" 

    for the 2017-2018 school year!  I would like to applaud with such great cheer by welcoming our Oberle Families to a brand new exciting; yet meaningful Second Grade Class!

    Getting to know...The 2nd Grade Team!

    Thus far, we have been team building across grade-levels to meet, prepare and plan everyday purposeful lessons.  Lesson planning together helps to inspires all students to work hard in order to reach their goals!

     All throughout this year, we will profoundly implement The Responsive Classroom Learning Approach by having Daily Morning Meetings and Closing Meetings in our classroom. The Responsive Learning Approach emphasizes on the social, emotional, and academic growth of elementary school students in a strong and safe learning environment. Students will have the opportunity to share and "get to know" their new friends and teachers in our "Learning Community" as we live and work together.

    In addition to our Responsive Classroom, we will be taking a closer look a  The 7 Habits of Happy Kids-"The Leader in Me" which is our schoolwide program that was initiated by Oberle's PBS Committee; which encourages students to take responsibility for their learning and social growth goals.

    The Leader in Me consist of 7 principles into kid-friendly language that students can understand to help them be successful and learn positive habits that we hope will stay with your child for his/her time at "The O!" and beyond. WE hope you will join us in encouraging your child to begin making habits part of his/her daily life:)

    Habit #1: Be Proactive... "I am First"...I have a "Can do" attitude and always try my best!

    Habit #2: Begin with the End in mind... "I plan ahead and set goals for myself and I am prepared at all times!" I think positive about my actions!

    Habit #3: Put First Things First... Work first, Then Play

    Habit #4: Think Win!-Win I can problem solve and help others by being kind and thoughtful:)
    Habit #5: Seek 1st to Understand I listen to others without interrupting. I raise my hand for permission to speak and I am patient, kind, helpful, and fearless. 
    Habit #6: Synergize Together is better! I get along well with others and work well in groups:)

    Habiti #7: Sharpen the Saw Balance is Best! I take care of my body, mind, and soul by exercising, eating healthy and getting plenty of rest before I come to school. "I am learning how to become a better student!"

         Something new and exciting... Room 213 is using ClassDojo! Dear Parents and Guardians ... This year, I would like for all of the penguin families in our class to join me and sign-up for ClassDojo! ClassDojo is a free app. that allows parents and teachers to communicate students' progress instantly by sharing messages, updates, and photos from class. By doing so, this will encourage students' to make positive choices in our classroom both inside and out; as a home-to-school connection.  ***Please remember to sign and return your child's ClassDojo parents' invitation.   

    Looking forward to much success and progress, Mrs. Harding
    2014-2015 Oberle's Teacher of the Year! “We are successful because of We not Me!”

    Please continue to visit our class website as a school-to-home tool in order to navigate through the many up-coming events that will take place in our classroom... 213!