School History

  • Etta J. Wilson Etta J. Wilson Elementary School (1969)

    Etta J. Wilson Elementary school was named for Etta J. Wilson, the early pioneer for consolidation.

    Etta J. Wilson (1883-1971) was born in Newark, DE. She began teaching in 1905. After seven years of teaching in the Newark schools, she left teaching because the present system proved too rigorous for her health and she accepted a position of a reporter for the Newark Post. 

    Miss Wilson helped to institute teacher training programs, taking teachers all over the country to observe superior educational systems. In 1917, Miss Wilson became a staff member of the State Commission, authorized by the General Assembly, to evaluate Delaware's school system. The Commission reported its findings to the State Legislature. Based on these findings, a new school code was passed. Pierre duPont appointed Miss Wilson to his new Bureau of Education. She administered the Service Citizens movement for Pierre duPont. It was her responsibility to develop the parent-teacher movement as part of the state's schools' modernization. She arranged to have programs both academic and for personal enjoyment for teachers in the state of Delaware. Miss Wilson worked with Mrs. John B. Cleaver, PTA President in 1919, to expand the contact of PTAs across the state.