Jennifer Watkins

  • I am a 5th grade teacher at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School in Room 23.   Please see below for important information and schedules.  Click on "Links" (on the right) for some important websites your child will need to access this school year!
    Our Daily Schedule:
    8:00-8:30       Morning Work
    8:30-10:00     Reading
    10:00-11:00   Math
    11:00-11:45   Specials
    11:45-12:15   Reading Intervention
    12:15-12:45   Science/Social Studies
    12:45-1:15     Lunch
    1:15-1:30       Science/Social Studies
    1:30-2:00       Recess
    2:00-2:45       Writing
    2:45-3:00       Pack-up & Dismissal
    1st Trimester Units of Study
    Reading – We are starting our 2nd unit called Wild Encounters.  The skills we will be focusing on with this unit are cause and effect, comparing and contrasting, determining the theme, persuasion, drawing conclusions and making generalizations, and main idea and details.
    Math - We have already completed chapters 1 and 2 on place value, rounding,  and adding and subtracting whole numbers and decimals.  We are starting chapters 3 and 4, which will focus on multiplication and division of whole numbers and decimals.
    Writing - We are starting Informative Writing.  Students will be completing a report on a biome.
    Science – Students will be completing our biology unit on ecosystems.  In this unit, students will be making a terrarium and an aquarium and learning about the interdependence of living and non-living things and how pollution effects the environment.
    Social Studies – This trimester students will be completing our geography unit.  At the end of the unit, students will be able to determine a suitable place to live based on their needs and likes.