Computer Technology

  • Welcome to TMS Computer Lab! 
    The computer lab is used for teaching students in grades K-5 technology skills and is part of the expressive arts schedule each week. These skills are used to enhance the Common Core State Standards curriculum used in the classroom and are age and grade-appropriate. A Computer Skills Growth Chart is used as a guide for integrating technology into my instruction and as a means of assessing student growth for technology competencies. I use the Common Core State Standards as a vehicle to support technology integration across all curriculum areas.


  • Students attend computer class once a week for a forty-five minute period. All grades K-5 will rotate through the lab each week. Students are taught the basic skills in the lower grades and progress with these skills in the upper grades. With the use of scaffolding from one grade level to the next I know that students will have the repertoire of skills to be successful in whatever projects we are working on in class.

    Here are some skills by grade level that I aim to have my students obtain. Please work with your child on reinforcing these skills at home as you have the opportunity.

    Grades K-2
    • Practice using a mouse with the left click to open and close programs.
    • Students should be able to type first and last name with proper capital letters.
    • Log into "Reading Eggs", First in Math and any school accounts on their own.

    Please do not save student passwords in your home computer since they mst be able to login to the above sites at school independently. Practice at home is very helpful!
    Grades 3-5
    • Students should begin using correct finger placement on the keyboard.
    • Students should be able to type in a URL in the web browser correctly.
    • Typing of Name, Date and Room number should be done quickly and accurately.
    • Students should know all school logins for programs we use, such as First in Math, Study Island etc. This information is given to them by their classroom teacher.
    • All students should know their student ID# (lunch number)


  • This is a list of some of the programs used in the lab. Links are provided for the sites which students have a login for.
    1. Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher
    2. Kidspiration
    3. Inspiration
    4. Internet Explorer
    5. Scratch
    6. Tumblebooks
    7. First in Math
    8. Study Island
    9. Reading Eggs
    10. Google Earth