Ms. Skaug's Terrific 3rd Graders!

  • What's Important? 

    Have your child read or read with your child often! Whenever possible, get your child involved with real life experiences such as a visit to a zoo, museum, nature trail, or factory. Let them help you in the kitchen with measurements as you cook. As a reward, take a trip to the library. Keep those precious discussions going by asking probing questions beginning with who, what, when, where, how, and why. Take advantage of all those teachable moments because kids are our future!

     At Marshall, students are learning new concepts daily, so ask your child what they learned at school so you can reinforce those issues. Together, let's feed their hungry minds with knowledge and get them excited about reading, writing, and learning! I personally want to thank you for the great pleasure in allowing me to teach your terrific children. My personal philosophy is that each student will be treated as if they were my very own.


    Ms. Skaug