Internship & Employment

  • The Sarah Pyle Academy Job Internship Program is part of our face-to-face drop out prevention program, and provides a carefully monitored work or internship experience where individual students have intentional learning goals and reflect actively on what they are learning throughout the experience.

    The job internship program:

    • Builds student career pathways
    • Offers job shadowing
    • Provides Job Coaching
    • Teaches employable skills


    How We Do It:

    All SPA students MUST maintain an ongoing internship or work experience while attending
    Sarah Pyle. Credits and grades are earned for employment training and job agreements
    are created between students and employers.

    • Job coaches act as a liaison between workplace supervisors and student workers.
    • Employer/School contracts are required to ensure the school and employer are working collaboratively for your success.
    • One on one student job counseling is conducted
    • Follow up visits and review sessions are a part of the job expectation.
    • Student workers wear Sarah Pyle Academy uniforms or job appropriate dress.
    • Transportation to and from work is provided at no expense to the employer or student.
      worker if the job is obtained THROUGH Sarah Pyle Academy; students must provide their own transportation to job that they secure on their own. 
    • We assist students with obtaining and maintaining internships and paid positions.


    We recognize that both education and job skills are necessary to provide a viable path to economic
    self-sufficiency...Sarah Pyle Works!


    For more information on our job and internship program, please reach out to your campus job coach: 

Summer Internship & Job Form

  • Did you work during the summer? Did you know that Sarah Pyle is willing to give you credit for your hard work? Complete the form that is listed below and return it to your job coach ASAP. When the information is verified, you will received ½ credit for satisfactory summer employment.

    You are eligible to receive 1/2 credit for maintaining your summer job if you worked for the entire two (2) months during the past summer for a minimum of 8-10 hours a week.

    To submit hours for Summer Work, use this Job Hours Submission Form: