• Welcome to SPA Science!

    Our department offers the main requirements of Earth/Physical Science, Biology, and Chemistry/Physics. All courses follow State of Delaware standards and are taught at a college preparatory level; honors coursework is available for those students who are interested. In addition to the three core requirements, we offer additional science courses to fulfill the Extra Social Studies or Science requirement for gradaution; these courses may also be used to fulfill elective requirements. 

    Our additional science classes include:

    • Anatomy & Physiology
    • Environmental Science


    We also offer a Health course worth a half-credit fo fulfill the health graduation requirement.  

    Science Labs

    Do you like finding out how everyday things work? The Science Department will help you by embarking in science experimentation. Throughout the year we will perform a mixture of small demonstrations, cumulating with the end of the year Science Fair extravaganza. See you there!