• High school students in the Christina District are currently transitioning from using an Integrated Math series, to following the traditional course sequence of Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II, followed by a final math class that can range from concepts in trigonometry and pre-calculus, to statistics and probability. Students learn this material through a combination of instructional software, as well as books and other paper materials. Alignment with the Common Core State Standards is a priority. All students MUST take a math class in their fourth year of high school per Delaware Graduation Requirements.

    Sarah Pyle Math

    Each teacher's Google Site links students and parents to the resources used in math classes, in addition, these resources are linked directly on their math page in the Personalized Learning Plan.  Here are some tips to help you work through your math successfully at Sarah Pyle Academy:

    • If you are using Khan Academy, be sure to log into your Sarah Pyle Class before doing work! Otherwise you may not get credit for it. 
    • Work through your units from top to bottom. Don't skip around! Math is a topic that builds on itself, so it you get frustrated and jump to a later assignment, you might not have learned what you need to know to do that assignment yet.
    • Ask for help! Don't suffer in silence if you are having trouble.

    See the page links to go to your teacher's math page, and use your Math tab on our PLP to access your assignments.  Good luck, you've got this!

Heart made of math functions and operators
Chalkboard with Math Equations