Special Education

  • Supporting Kids Who Learn Differently

    Every student that sits in a SPA classroom brings a unique blend of strengths and challenges to the table. The Special Education Department provides support and services to level the playing field for those kids who learn differently.

    Here at SPA, we invite families to be active team members in their child’s education.  We make it possible for our students with disabilities to reach their full potential, both socially and academically.  We know that it takes a team of caring professionals along with the child’s parent or guardian working to support the student in the classroom.
    The special education teachers at SPA support students' progress in their courses by providing accommodations and modifications to the curriculum in order for the students to obtain mastery of concepts and skills that are needed to access the curriculum. They collaborate with the content area teachers in providing such assistance.
    If you have questions about the special education identification process, or related to your student's specific accommodation, please reach out to the special education teacher at your campus. Contact information is listed below.