World Language

  • ¡Bienvenidos a los idiomas del mundo!
    Here at Sarah Pyle Academy, all students are required to complete at least 2 credits of a World Language in order to graduate. The credits must be in the same language and must be sequential except when the student comes to us with a credit earned in a language other than Spanish. In that case, we will look at their situation based on Delaware State guidelines and develop a plan that will meet their needs.
    Our Spanish teacher is a native Spanish speaker, and brings with her a wealth of culture and experience, enhancing our student's Spanish learning experience.  Additionally, we have staff members on both campuses who are also Spanish speaking, so there is a wealth of resources available to our SPA students in the World Language content. 
    All of our World Language courses include not only reading and writing in Spanish, but cultural and social aspects of Spanish-speaking countries as well.