Social Studies

  • Welcome to the Social Studies Department!

    The Social Studies curriculum incorporates three required courses, plus additional options for a fourth social studies course: Human Geography, Civics/Economics, and US History are the required courses, and Psychology, African American Studies, Sociology, Personal Finance, and Law In American Society are offered for the additional social studies credit. Our courses are closely aligned with State and Common core standards in order to equip students with the most relevant knowledge and skills they need to be successful citizens.

    Today’s graduates live in a society where they have the freedom and responsibility to make decisions that affect their lives and the lives of their community. But they also face an increasing number of choices with each decision. The goal of Social Studies at SPA is to bridge the gap between student and citizen. Students need to become competent decision makers, responsible global citizens, and critical thinkers in the rapidly changing world they live in.

    For more information on which course you need, and which of the additional social studies courses may be right for you, please reach out to your social studies teacher!