Page Types and Layouts

  • Page Types are page templates that contain one or more apps—a starting point for you as you create your pages. The page types are suggested app and page layouts for a specific purpose. You can use an app on any page or page type. 

  • Preset Page Types

    • Blank - This page type is a blank canvas, with a single column layout and no apps included.
    • Content - This page type is useful for all types of content and is used most frequently.
    • Photo Album - This page type is used to add a photo album.
    • Teacher Page - This page type allows quick, easy creation of a teacher homepage.

    Preset page types

  • Set Page Layout

    Choose the layout for your pages. You can use the same layout for every page or change the layout based on the page content. There are 12 layout options you can choose for your page. Layouts can be selected by clicking the layout button next to Apps.

    Set page layout