Add School News to Your Website

  • Use the Headlines & Features app in REGION B on the Homepage to add news items, important dates, or specific information about your school. Use the teaser text to provide a short description of the headline and entice users to read more.

    Photos must be resized to 375px (width) X 280px (height).

    1. Click the pencil to edit the Headlines & Features app.
Step 1 - School News - Hover over Headlines and features and click the pencil
  • 2. Click the New button to add a headline.

Step 2 - Click 'New' to add a headline
  • 3. Enter iHeadline and Features App Screenshot nformation.

    • Enter Headline title.
    • Add Accent Image if desired (be sure to include alt text).
    • Select Content Type: Article, File, Link
      • Article: Enter content and teaser text
      • File: Upload PDF and enter a description
      • Link: Enter URL and description