Multimedia Gallery Best Practices

    • Use a link to provide your community with more information.
    • Use clear meaningful photos. Your photos should catch the eye of a visitor.
    • Crop your images to highlight the area you want to be seen.
    • Use photos that reflect your website's theme. Repeating your site colors in the images creates a cohesive look that will make your site look great.
    • Add captions and titles to give your visitors more information. If you are using a Title or Caption, don't use words in your images. This can be distracting and difficult for visitors to read.
    • Add five or fewer photos. New visitors that may be seeing your site for the first time may not see all of your photos if you have more than a handful.
    • Keep your photos up-to-date. Out of date photos will create the impression your site is not being maintained.

    Source: Bb Help