Manage Sections

  • In your Section Workspace, you can create, organize and edit your pages. You can access the Section Workspace by selecting Site Manager from any website page.

    Section workspace screenshot in site manager

    1 - Page Organization

    1. New Page allows you to create a new page.
    2. Organize Pages allows you to drag and drop your pages to change the order or to create a hierarchy.
    3. The Recycle Bin stores pages that you've removed until you are ready to permanently delete them.
    4. The page search feature comes in handy, if you to have many pages in your section.

    2 - Current Pages Block

    • The green status button next to a page signifies that the page is currently active. This button is actually a toggle switch that will toggle between active and inactive.
    • By default, new pages are always active.

    3 - Page Actions

    • Selecting the Actions button next to a page allows you to edit the page, set page options, get a link to a page, copy the page, move the page, or delete the page.

    • Select Actions next to each page to expand the list of options for that page.
      • Edit Page: Edit the content, layout, and apps on the page.
      • Page Options: Edit the Page Name, Display Duration, Background Image, and hide or show the page.
      • Get Link: Get a Full Web Address or a Relative Web Address that you can use to link this page from other locations in your site.
      • Copy Page: Copy the page with its existing settings and content.
      • Move Page: Move the page to another site, channel, or section. You can move pages between workspaces you can edit.
      • Delete: Delete the page. A confirmation window appears to confirm deletion.
      • Set Viewers: The default is all website visitors can view pages.

    4 - Total Visits

    • This section provides a snapshot of total visits to your school website.

    5 - How do I...? tab

    •  Use the How do I...? tab to locate help resources for the current workspace. Use the links provided to navigate to relevant help pages.