Homepage Content & Apps

  • Your homepage is the first page visitors to your school website see. All homepage layouts have been pre-set and should remain as is to maintain a consistent online presence. If you want to consider a layout adjustment, please contact the District Webmaster.  Learn more about homepage layout, regions, and requirements below.


  • Region A - Multimedia Gallery

  • Region B - School News

  • Region C - District News*

  • Region D - Primary Social Media*

  • Region E - Secondary Gallery*

  • Region F - Upcoming Events*

  • Regions G & H - Unused (intentionally left blank)

  • * Do not edit or delete. District managed.

How to Access and Edit Your School's Home Page

    1. Sign in to your school website (Sign in instructions)
    2. Access "Site Manager" by selecting "Site Manager" from the "Users" button. 
    3. Once inside Site Manager, click the "Homepage" or "Calendar" link to display the edit screen

    In Site Manager, you can return to this home screen to access your homepage and calendar by selecting the name of your school (cloud icon) in the menu bar on the left. 

    Screenshot of site manager - homepage highlighted


  • Public View

    Screen of CSD Homepage - Zone Areas

  • Edit View

    Screenshot of homepage regions