Add Photos to Homepage

  • Use the Multimedia Gallery app in REGION A of the Homepage to make changes to your school's rotating photo gallery.  All sites are required to have at least 1 image.

    Photos must be resized to these Dimensions 1500px X 750px. 

    1. Hover over region A "Multimedia Gallery" and click the "pencil icon" to add to the app.

    multimedia gallery app - hover to click pencil to edit

  • 2. Click the "New Record" button to add a photo or click "Edit" to make changes to an existing photo.

    Step 2 - Click 'New' to add a photo

  • 3. Screenshot of Multimedia Gallery App Enter information.

    • Enter title.
    • Enter caption, if desired.
    • Add Image (must be 1500px x 750px).
    • Enter Image Alt Text (description of the image)