How to Add Videos To School Site

  • **Please note the video must be MP4 format**

    1. Go to your school's homepage.
    2. Log in. 
      1. To log in, click the 'Users' button and select 'Sign In'
      2. Use your CSD credentials to log in via the 'Login Active Directory' button
    1. Navigate to the 'Videos' page on your school website.
      1. This page is located under 'Our School' or 'Our Program' >> Photos & Videos
      2. Select 'Videos' from the left menu
      3. Click the gray 'Edit Page' button.
    1. On the left side, move your mouse over the 'microphone' icon then select the green pencil.
    2. Click the 'New Episode' button to add your video.
    3. Complete the required fields.
    4. At the bottom, click the 'Select File' button to upload your video.
    5. Once you have selected the file, click 'Insert File'
    6. Use the 'Browse' button to navigate to the file you would like to upload. 
    7. Once uploaded, click the 'Save' button and close the window.


    To View Your Video

    1. In another browser tab (or window), open your school videos page.
    2. Select the new video you just uploaded.
    3. Tada! You have uploaded your first video. The link to the video is in the address bar.