Adding Events to School Website Calendar

  • There are many functions available when creating events in the Calendar. In addition to adding a date and time to an event, you can enter an event description, select a category for the event, and make events recurring.

  • Access School Website Calendar

    1. Sign in to your school website (Sign in instructions)
    2. Access "Site Manager" by selecting "Site Manager" from the "Users" button. 
    3. Once inside Site Manager, click the "Calendar" link


    Add a calendar event

    1. Double-click the date or click the New Event button.
    2. Enter Event title.
    3. Select start/end dates, start/end times, or select “No End Time” or “All Day.”
    4. Enter event Description (optional).
    5. Select event Category (optional).
    6. Mandatory Event box available on main district calendar only; pushes event to every calendar.
  • Calendar page location

  • Calendar App Screenshot