Getting Started

  • The District uses Blackboard Web Community Manager to maintain our district and school websites.  If you have been assigned rights to edit a section of the district or school website, you can access it from any computer with Internet access.

Structure & Terminology

  • Website terminology

    The following are some commonly used Blackboard terms and an explanation of how they relate to the website.

    • Site - The Christina School District website is a site.

    • Subsite - All school and programs are subsites of the district site.

    • MyStart Bar - The MyStart bar gives quick access to the district home site, a menu to move between school sites, and user access for website editors.

    • Channels
      • The primary navigation categories (main menu) are known as channels. A channel is like a Drawer in a file cabinet containing similar information.
      • The channels on the district site are different from those on the subsites. The channels on the school sites follow the same naming conventions.

    • Sections - Sections are containers used to group together one or more pages.  Select a section to go to a page or collection of web pages.
      • Each new section added to a channel will automatically show up in the channel drop-down.
      • A section can be hidden from navigation.

    • Pages - Pages display the content the user sees. Sections can contain any number of pages.