• CSD Virtual Academy

    Welcome to the CSD Virtual Academy!

    The CSD Virtual Academy is online learning taught by Christina School District Teachers. Students will have the opportunity to engage in live, virtual instructional sessions with teachers. Online learning sessions can include but are not limited to group discussions, activities, and projects.

    CSD Virtual Academy is a long term option for students and families.

  • CSDVA Program Overview 


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    New, Fully Online and Teacher-Directed

    Christina School District Virtual Academy (CSDVA) is the District’s new, fully online, and teacher-directed learning program. The program is for students in kindergarten through Grade 12. CSDVA will offer engaging learning tailored to a virtual platform with CSD teachers trained in online instruction, providing a powerful and personalized learning experience.

    The CSDVA is in response to the number of families who have indicated an interest for their child(ren) to continue their education remotely. The CSDVA is a unique program and may not have all of the course work, programs, services, and supports that can be found in our comprehensive schools.

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    In-Person Alternative

    CSDVA is aimed at serving students and families who prefer an on-line instructional experience with students learning within their home. Students in the CSDVA will be taught by a licensed educator and will be held to the same academic calendar, academic standards, as well as, all of the CSD Board of Education and school specific policies, such as the Student Manual.

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    Tech Requirements

    Christina School District will work with students and parents to ensure they have access to a computer or tablet and reliable internet service . Students are expected to follow attendance requirements, including working for a minimum number of hours each day. Technology Support will be provided online and in-person by Christina School District teachers, counselors, and administrators.


    CSDVA Programming Information 
  • Elementary School Programming (Grades K-5)

  • Middle School Programming (Grades 6-8)

  • High School Programming (Grades 9-12)

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