Early Learning Program (ELP)

  • The Early Learning Program (formerly Family Advocacy and Child Educational Services - FACES) is dedicated to providing positive educational experiences for Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deaf-Blind children and their families.  Within the program, we focus on positive child and family outcomes where we build a better future for children, families, and communities served by the program. To reach this goal, we work with families to ensure that every child is ready to be successful in kindergarten and beyond.   

    Families are responsible to: 

    • Ensure that your child attends school on time, every day because attendance is a key to success 
    • Communicate clearly with your child using American Sign Language (ASL) and/or Spoken English as appropriate for your child 
    • Read with your child daily to encourage a love of reading and to build vocabulary 
    • Attend and actively participate in your child’s annual Individualized Educational Program (IEP) meeting 
    • Participate in parent meetings, orientation and other workshops, events and activities at ELP 
    • Volunteer at least 10 hours per year to help your child learn and to support the program 
    • Ensure that the program has access to up-to-date Emergency Contact Information 
    • Ensure that your child is up to date on all required medical and dental needs   

    The ELP at New Castle County (NCC) will do the following for you and your child: 

    • Provide an excellent individualized educational program for all students 
    • Work with you to set goals that support your child’s education at home 
    • Help identify your child’s strengths and skills and work with you to reach your own family’s goals 
    • Offer multiple opportunities for you to participate and volunteer at ELP 

    The ELP on-site classes at NCC is split into two types of classes: Explorers and Constructors. 

    All classrooms are developmentally appropriate and utilize hands on learning experiences in all developmental areas.  The Creative Curriculum and Teaching Strategies-Gold are the main curriculum and assessment tools utilized.  Numerous other curricula and assessments are also used to individualize for the unique learning challenges of each child to the greatest extent possible. 

  • Early Learning Program Department
    Delaware School for the Deaf
    630 E.Chestnut Hill Road
    Newark, DE 19713

    Melinda Failing
    Coordinator, ELP 

    Phone: (302) 454-2305
    Videophone: (302) 722-4569