Power of Positive Parenting

    11 Guidelines for Raising Healthy and Confident Children

    1. Give Children Warmth, Acceptance and Respect
      • Praise good behavior
      • Encourage your children

    2. Enjoy Child Development and Be Alert to Special Needs
      • Learn about the different areas and stages of child development
      • Read child development books, visit parenting websites like www.babycenter.com

    3. Use Fair and Firm Leadership
      • Remind children of the rules
      • Give clear instructions in a firm voice
      • Whenever possible, try to find solutions that are agreeable to both you and your children

    4. Avoid Spanking and Verbal Abuse
      • Take time out when things get heated
      • Talk - Discussing the problem and reminding children of the rules
      • Take a breath and remember you are the adult

    5. Start Early in Preparing Children for School
      • Read to your child and tell them stories
      • Become a partner in your child's school

    6. Create a Home Life that Supports Education
      • Find out what teachers expect
      • Set an area aside at home for studying

    7. Be an Active Partner in Your Children's School
      • Make sure your children get to school on time
      • Attend parent-teacher conferences

    8. Teach Children About Their Own and Other Cultures
      • Expose your children to other cultures through books and by visiting the local library
      • Make friends with people of different cultures

    9. Take Charge of Your Child's Media Exposure
      • Limit how much and what your children watch

    10. Set a Good Example for Life-Long Learning
      • Set goals for your own personal development

    11. Maintain a Healthy Life Style
      • Eat a balanced diet
      • Get enough rest, relaxation and exercise
      • Have regular medical check-ups

    (Dr. Kirby T. Alvy, Ph.D., founder of the Center for Improvement of Child Caring)