Financial Impact

  • The most accurate way to determine the cost of the referendum in relation to your school taxes is to look up your property tax assessment on the New Castle County website. Once you know that, you can use our Tax Calculator to help you determine the projected increase for your household. Remember, your taxes are calculated on each $100 of assessed value.

    For the average home in our school district, taxpayers are being asked to invest less than a dollar a day to be phased in over three years (29₵, 5₵, 5₵). The average assessed property value in our district is less than $65K.

    What will it cost?

    Part I: Operational             29₵/$100 assessed value*

    Part II: Operational            5₵/$100 assessed value

    Part III: Capital                  0.6₵/$100 assessed value (estimate)

    Part IV: Capital                  0.6₵/$100 assessed value (estimate)

    Total First Year                34₵/$100 assessed value**

    *Proposed additional increase of 5₵ in each of the following two years.
    **This represents the cost if all funding is approved.  

    What does it mean?

    • Part I Operational: 29₵ (year 1)
      Includes items such as instructional supplies and materials, discipline support programs, school safety, extracurricular activities and maintenance of facilities.

    • Part II Operational: 5₵
      Includes curricular enhancements such as elementary English language arts.
    • Parts III and IV Capital: 1.2₵ (0.6₵ +0.6₵)
      Includes required learning facility renovations and upgrades targeted for this referendum.
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