CSD Virtual Academy

  • Christina School District Virtual Academy (CSDVA) is the District’s new, fully online, and teacher-directed learning program for students in kindergarten through Grade 12. Offering engaging learning tailored to a virtual platform with CSD teachers trained in online instruction providing a powerful and personalized learning experience. The CSDVA is in response to the number of families who have indicated an interest for their child(ren) to continue their education remotely for the year. 

    CSDVA is aimed at serving students and families who are not comfortable with an in-person instructional experience. CSDVA online instruction will not be affected by changes in public health requirements on schools or in the community, allowing students to learn without disruption and no downtime. Students in the CSDVA will be taught by a licensed educator and will be held to the same academic calendar, academic standards, as well as, all of the CSD Board of Education and school specific policies, such as the Student Manual.

    Students will be required to have a computer or tablet with reliable internet access. Students are expected to follow attendance requirements, including working for a minimum number of hours each day. Support will be provided online and in-person by Christina School District teachers, counselors, and administrators. 

    Families selecting to enroll their children into CSDVA will require a commitment to participate in the program for the entire 2020-21 school year. The deadline to enroll in the program is September 15. Complete the in-district transfer form online here.

    Note: This program is contingent upon student enrollment.  We are hopeful that there is enough interest to provide this as a viable option for our students and families for the 2020-21 school year.  Please complete the enrollment form if you are interested in pursuing this option.  Once enrollment closes on September 15th, we will be able to determine the viability of this option for our families. 

    The District is offering the CSDVA option to meet the diverse needs of families as we navigate the challenges of COVID-19. If you have any questions, please contact Dana Crumlish, Supervisor of Student Services at dana.crumlish@christina.k12.de.us