Naming of the New Bancroft School

  • Rendering of the new school

    In February 2018, the Christina Board of Education approved an agreement with the Governor’s Office and the Department of Education that included a proposal to rebuild the Bancroft School. Construction is underway and the new school is scheduled to open in Fall 2024.

    The Christina School District accepted nominations for the opportunity to rename the new Bancroft School from June 14-July 14, 2023. The District's building naming committee reviewed suggestions and made a recommendation to the Christina School Board at the August 2023 monthly board meeting to name the new school, "Maurice Pritchett, Sr. Academy."  In September 2023, the Christina Board voted for the recommendation and approved the  name for the new building - Maurice Pritchett, Sr. Academy.

Naming Process & Information

CSD Board Policy 01.19 outlines the full criteria and process for naming existing school facilities in the district.
  • Members of the community
  • Individuals currently holding an elective political office, District employees and members of their immediate families, and Christina Board of Education members and members of their immediate families shall be ineligible for these requests.
Names submitted for consideration may:
  • Be known and significant to the community, students, and staff; or
  • Relate to local neighborhoods; to relevant geographic areas; to places of historical, geographical, geologic, or cultural significance; or to indigenous and characteristic flora or fauna; or
  • Be persons or groups of persons who have demonstrated international, national, state, or local leadership in the fields of education, arts and sciences, or public service; or Naming of School Facilities
  • Be thematic to reflect the character of the community culture and history; or
  • Reflect features of the facility or program type, and mission of the facility.
  1. The initial request to name the facility must be submitted in writing to the Office of the Superintendent by a Sponsoring Organization. The request must be on the official letterhead of that organization. Requests from individuals will not be accepted.

  2. The request must be accompanied by an application containing the following:
    1. Rationale for the request, which must include a detailed history of the individual’s contribution to the school and the community, noting such information as years of service, awards, and accomplishments.
    2. If financial resources will be needed, a budget that indicates the following:
      1. Amount of money to be raised.
      2. How the money will be raised.
      3. Person(s) responsible for raising the money.
      4. How ongoing costs to maintain naming recognition will be addressed.
    3. Evidence of community support, requiring a minimum of 100 signatures from individuals in the community.
    4. Two separate letters of support from state legislators who represent the Christina School District.
    5. Three letters of recommendation from former co-workers/students who have had contact with the individual.
    6. A letter from the building principal.
    7. A letter from the executive committee of the PTA/PTO.

  3. In addition, the Sponsoring Organization must submit to the Office of Facilities a plan for the installation of any signs, plaques, or other similar materials.

  4. Applications will be evaluated by the Review Committee, which shall make a determination of the application having satisfied all requirements. The committee will report to the Board on the status of the application to the Board at the first regularly scheduled Board meeting occurring at least seven days after determination of satisfactory application. At the discretion of the Board, the Sponsoring Organization may be asked to give a presentation at this meeting.

  5. In conjunction with the Office of Facilities, the Sponsoring Organization will submit a plan for the implementation of the name change, including timeline, activities, and events associated with the name change.

  6. The District will coordinate a public comment period of no less than three weeks to begin upon the committee’s presentation to the Board and to conclude at least seven days prior to the Board’s action on the recommendation. The District will publicize the public comment period during the presentation to the Board and on the District website.

  7. Following the public comment period, the Board will vote on the application at the following Board meeting.

The District would like to invites students, parents, staff and community members to participate in the public comment period regarding the proposed name.

Online Feedback

The online public comment period will be open from August 9 to August 31. We encourage you to use the link below to leave your feedback and thoughts on the proposed name. Your comments will be carefully considered as we make a final decision.

Click Here to Submit Feedback on the Proposed Name for the New Bancroft School

Public Comment Forum

In addition to the online comment period, there will also be an in-person public comment forum held on August 17 from 6:00-8:00 PM. The forum will take place at the Bancroft School Auditorium. We encourage community members to attend this event and express their thoughts on the proposed name.