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Media Relations & Requests

LaTasha Johnson
Chief Communications & Marketing Officer

Main Office: (302) 552-2670


Member of the Media

If you are a member of the media in need of information or press materials, please contact the Christina School District Public Information Officer at (302) 552-2670.

Christina School District Staff Member

If you are a staff member seeking publicity or promotion for a program, event or service, contact the Communications Department at (302) 552-2670.



  • All requests for information from members of the news media should be referred to the District’s Chief Communications & Marketing Officer. Christina employees will not comment on behalf of the School District, nor provide information regarding the Christina School District without first receiving authorization from the Chief Communications & Marketing Officer or Superintendent of Schools. 

  • Members of the press will be permitted on school grounds only if prior arrangements have been made with the building principal, Superintendent of Schools and/or the Chief Communications & Marketing Officer. Students are never permitted to be interviewed without explicit parental consent either verbally or in writing. CSD and parent/guardian permission must be secured before students can be interviewed, photographed or filmed by media representatives. Visitors from the press must be accompanied by a staff member at all times.

  • Media covering sporting events will not need prior approval as long as they are only present for that event and are not reporting on other items.

  • The Public Information Office should be notified of a school event that is of public interest, a month in advance, to allow adequate time to increase the likelihood of media coverage.

  • All media representatives (radio, newspaper, television, etc.) should be referred immediately to the Public Information Office. Email or call LaTasha Johnson at or 302-530-2157 (mobile).