• Thank You, Thank You - We Did It! 

    We are thrilled with the outcome of the June 9 referendum and are extremely appreciative of the student-centered efforts of the CSD district leadership team, administrators and building leaders, teachers, staff, parents, and community members. This successful referendum will provide the necessary resources for Christina School District to move forward to provide continued meaningful experiences our students deserve. Thank you to the Christina School District community for your support of your public schools especially during these extremely challenging times – it is much appreciated.

  • What's Next for Christina 

  • Retain

    Retain teaching and school support staff positions. Increase funding for students, school instructional budgets for books, classroom supplies and materials

  • rebuild

    Rebuild new learning environments and major building systems to better serve our students and support school safety and security initiatives with input from community

  • Restore.

    Restore partnerships with staff, parents and the community. Address critical maintenance and facilities improvement needs and renovate key instructional areas

  • Arrow Continue ongoing programs (e.g. academic programs, athletics, music and arts, and advanced academics)

    Arrow Update and replace major building systems

    Arrow Address critical maintenance and facilities challenges

  • Retain. Rebuild. Restore. Working together to create change.