Breakfast in the Classroom

  • Breakfast in the Classroom will be offered at the following schools starting in the 2018-2019 school year:  Bancroft, Bayard, Brader, Brookside, CEEC, Gallaher, Gauger-Cobbs, Jones, Keene, Leasure, Maclary, Marshall, McVey, Oberle, Palmer, Pulaski, Shue-Medill, Stubbs, West Park and Wilson.

    How Does a Grab-n-Go Breakfast Work?

    Participating schools will have individually wrapped breakfast items available in the cafeteria.  The students will come through the cafeteria lines, place the breakfast items of their choice in a bag, and proceed to the register for check-out.  Once they are through the cafeteria line, the students will take their bagged breakfast to their classroom to eat, rather than sitting at the cafeteria tables. By offering a Grab-n-Go breakfast program, we believe our students will benefit from a nutritious breakfast that will fuel them to succeed in the classroom.  If you have any questions about the Grab-n-Go breakfast program, please free to stop by the cafeteria. 

    Why Breakfast in the Classroom?

    Research has shown that a nutritious, well-balanced breakfast improves student performance.  According to current literature, breakfast has a positive influence on student performance in the following ways:
    • Increased cognitive function and school performance 
    • Increased attention span
    • Decreased discipline problems, absenteeism and tardiness
    For more information about the benefits of Breakfast in the Classroom, please view "Talking Points for Breakfast in the Classroom" presentation.
  • We're Expanding!

    Several more Christina School District schools will be adopting alternative breakfast methods!