Wellness Policy

  • Our nation's schools are in a position to play a critical role in promoting student health, preventing childhood obesity, and combating problems associated with poor nutrition, inadequate mental health care and physical inactivity. Healthy schools that support good nutrition, physical activity and implement a coordinated school health model are conducive to a learning environment that produces healthier students.

  • Food In The Classroom

    Food should not be used as a reward or punishment for classroom or school activities unless the reward is an activity that promotes a positive nutrition message (ie., guest chef, field trip to a farm or farmers market, etc.)


    School fundraisers should promote positive health habits such as the sale of non-food and nutritious food items as well as fund raising to support physical activities. Sale of fundraising foods is not allowed during the course of the school day.

    Classroom Celebrations

    In an effort to promote a healthier school environment we ask that you follow these recommendations for all classroom parties. A non-food item such as a book is strongly encouraged. If foods will be offered a healthy nut free food choice such as pretzels, fresh fruit, or fresh vegetables should accompany a dessert in all classroom celebrations. Water and 100% fruit juice are recommended beverages. Candy and soda are not permitted.

    Committee Membership

    If you are interested in joining the district wellness committee please contact Child Nutrition Services at 302-454-2400 x43200 or childnutrition@christina.k12.de.us​​​​​​​.