Health & Wellness

  • Caring and supporting each individual student's needs as a person, in addition to and in support of their academic growth.

  • The Christina School District believes that health, safety, and wellness are important in developing and supporting our students’ capacity to learn and achieve academic success. Our Student Services Department provides services, resources, and access to community programs to support the health needs of our students.

School Nurses

  • In the Christina School District, every school has a certified school nurse or registered nurse. Our school nurses play a crucial role in ensuring that every student receives the necessary care for their physical, social, emotional, and academic growth. They evaluate the health and learning requirements of students, tailoring personalized plans to meet their unique needs. They also provide crucial support to children with medical conditions that might otherwise make it difficult for them to join in classroom activities with their classmates.

School-Based Health Centers

  • Christina School District offers expanded health services through the District’s partnership with Christiana Care Health Services and Life Health Center at select schools. School-Based Health Centers (SBHC) provide comprehensive medical and mental health care, treatment and health education, to promote a healthy lifestyle.