About the Student Manual

  • In alignment with the United States Department of Education’s Guiding Principles for Improving School Climate, the Christina School District has developed an evidence-based program to support positive learning environments and a culture promoting academic achievement. Training opportunities are also being offered to members of the Christina Staff concerning these initiatives.

    Key components of Christina’s program are:

    • High expectations for behavior of all students and staff
    • Clear, consistent, district-wide discipline policies and processes
    • Multi-tiered supports for all students that begin in the classroom

    The evidence-based programs integrated into the Christina School District include, but are not limited to:

    • Recognition of One's Own Cultural Lens and Biases
    • Knowledge of Students' Cultural Backgrounds
    • Awareness of Broader Social, Economic, and Political Contexts
    • Ability and Willingness to Use Culturally Appropriate Management Strategies
    • Commitment to Building Caring Classroom Communities
    • Guidance and support to trainees as they implement new concepts and practices
    • Motivation - personal relationship building, classroom climate, and communicating high expectations
    • Growth Mind-set - theories about achievement and development
    • Engagement - identifying the three types of classroom-based engagement (behavioral, cognitive, and effective)

    To support this plan, the Christina Board of Education each year approves a Student Manual: Responsibilities, Expectations, Rights, and Resources

Purpose of the Student Manual

  • The purpose of the manual is to:

    • Describe strategies and practices schools will use to promote positive learning environments
    • Illustrate expected appropriate and respectful student behaviors,
    • Describe what actions and interventions are taken when students exhibit challenging, inappropriate, or harmful behaviors
    • Outline student rights, privileges, and responsibilities
    • Provide information about the disciplinary process and how to get help from school system personnel concerning appeal requests, processes and procedures, and resources for students and families. This handbook also includes a glossary of terms that may be used throughout the document.