OCR - Resolution Agreement

    The U.S. Department of Education announced the successful resolution of a
    compliance review with the Christina School District
    The Christina School District has signed a resolution agreement with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR) following a more than 2-year analysis of discipline data by OCR. Christina is one of five districts chosen nationwide by federal investigators reviewing discipline practices. The other school districts that are part of the investigation are located in New York, North Carolina, Utah, and Minnesota.
    The investigation into Christina’s discipline data began in Spring 2010, and involved the full cooperation of District staff in all school buildings.  OCR representatives have undergone a detailed study of data in the District from  2008-2011. The Christina School District Board of Education voted on the draft Resolution Agreement at the Board’s December 11 regular Board meeting.  When  fully implemented, the Resolution Agreement will address compliance issues  identified by OCR. OCR will monitor the District’s implementation of
    the Resolution Agreement to ensure the District’s compliance with Title VI.
    As noted in the letter of findings issued by OCR on December 14, the District has initiated steps during the time period of the review (2008-2012) to support the strategies and goals reflected in the Resolution Agreement.
    These steps have included:
    • strengthening the implementation of the Positive Behavior Support    
    • hiring personnel to assist in developing behavior modification plans  
    • providing increased classroom management training 
    • engaging parents and community members in the Student Code of Conduct process  
    • working with the Delaware Department of Education to make improvements to the student database system

    There have also been a number of positive statistical trends in Christina’s discipline data over the three-year period reviewed by OCR, including:
    • reductions in the numbers of students referred for discipline
    • reductions in the numbers of students receiving In-School and Out of  School 
    • reductions in the numbers of expulsions from  school

    “Our Superintendent, Board, and administrative staff support the goals of the agreement with OCR, which will provide new opportunities for all students in our district to be successful in our schools, and will provide opportunities for staff to develop skills that will help students be successful,” said  Christina  Board of Education President Frederick Polaski.
    “We are committed to ensuring that our community has an understanding of the strategies outlined in the agreement,” said Christina Superintendent Dr. Freeman L. Williams.  Community members will have opportunities to share feedback throughout the process.”
    The Agreement’s requirements include:
    • Collaboration with a nationally recognized consultant
    • Strategies for student development outside of the disciplinary system
    • Revisions to the discipline policy/student code of conduct
    • Designation of a Discipline Supervisor position
    • Outreach to and input from students, district staff, and community members
    • Training for all district groups
    • Notices to parents/guardians
    • Strategies for School Resource Officers
    • Data collection and self-monitoring
    • Requests for redress and records correction

    To access the Resolution Agreement, please click here.