Christina Arts Council

  • The purpose of the Arts Council is to enhance arts services in grades K-12 through the development of a comprehensive multi-year plan. The plan will support growth and promote excellence in visual and performing arts for all students, and will outline goals and objectives on budget, curriculum, and professional development.

    The Arts Council meets monthly and will consist of 21 members, including 14 teacher representatives. The teacher representatives for visual arts are Jamie Moore, Newark High School; Joe Repetti, West Park Place Elementary School; Elaine Szumowski, Brader Elementary School; Kelly Walzl, Gallaher Elementary School; Donya Crichlow, Gauger-Cobbs Middle School; Tracie Edstrom, Christiana High School and Wendy Crawford, Leasure Elementary School.

    The teacher representatives for music and performing arts are: Jacalyn Beam, Wilson Elementary School; Fostina Dixon-Kilgoe, Pulaski Elementary School; Jeff Dombchik and Yael Hernandez, Christiana High School; Alysha Isakoff, Shue-Medill Middle School; Shannon Johnson, Bayard Middle School; and Sarah Linde, REACH Program.

    Other representatives will include Rosaria Macera, Music District Content Chair, Karen Yarnall, Art District Content Chair, an additional district office representative, a Christina Education Association representative, and two parent representatives (one each for art and music). For more information, please contact the Office of Curriculum and Instruction.