Bus Drivers and Bus Attendants

  • Basic Requirements:

    • Must have a checking, savings, or credit union account for direct deposit (Required by State Law)
    • Must present original Social Security Card
    • Never convicted of a drug-related crime
    • Never convicted of a Class A or Class B felony. (Felony based on causing death, felony sexual offense, or felony against public administration bribery, etc.)
    • No sentence for any other felony extending into the past 5 years.
    • Never charged with any crime against a child.
  • In addition, DRIVERS only:

    • As part of the online application, complete the Authorization for Release of Records form
    • If licensed in Delaware less than 5 years, provide driving record from all other states in which you were licensed for the past 5 years.
    • No more than 3 points on license
    • No D.U.I. suspension, revocation, or disqualification for moving offenses in the last 5 years
    • Commercial Driver’s License: CDL-B or CDL-A with Passenger Endorsement. (Transportation office will assist in required license training after you are hired.)
    • If licensed in another state, must hold CDL-B or CDL-A with passenger and school bus endorsements in home state. Provide 5-year driving record from home state, complete Delaware school bus driver training (class and on-the-road driving) and meet all other requirements.
  • Next Steps

    After completing the ONLINE application, you may be called for an interview.

    Drivers (while waiting to be called for an interview):
    • CDL written test self-study – The CDL manual can be obtained from the Division of Motor Vehicles website, a Division of Motor Vehicle office, or the Christina Transportation Office.
    • Study sections 1 thru 4 and section 10 in the CDL manual. Review section 5 (we do not have air brakes, but there may be a question about them on the test).
    • Three DMV Commercial Driver tests are required – General Knowledge, Passenger, and School Bus.
    • After you have passed the interview process, you will be assigned a trainer and sent for the written exam at DMV and further CDL on-the-road training.


    After the Interview/Process

    The Transportation Department will assist you in completing the following State requirements after the interview and process is complete.

  • Employment is contingent on background and other screening results.
  • Kids waving out of bus

State Requirements - Drivers and Attendants

  • Criminal Background Check/Fingerprinting

  • Classroom Training

  • Physical Examination

  • TB Testing