Relay Teaching Residency at Christina

  • In partnership with the Relay Graduate School of Education and Delaware Department of Education, the Relay Teaching Residency at Christina provides a unique opportunity for aspiring teachers to learn alongside mentor teachers, while earning a master’s degree in teaching and a standard teaching certificate.

  • Earn Your Master's Degree and Teaching Certificate


    If you have ever been interested in teaching but were not sure how to enter the profession, this opportunity provides unparalleled preparation & experience to help you do so. The residency is a two-year master’s degree program for talented, mission-driven people eager to launch a career in teaching.

    In the first year, residents engage in a gradual, supervised entrance into the profession so that, in the second year, they are hired into a teaching position. Most importantly, the residency prepares educators to enter the classroom with the foundational skills necessary to impact students from their first day as a teacher.

In two years, residents earn:

  • Gain Vital Skills and Credentials

    The Relay Teaching Residency at Christina gives you the tools to build your skills and teach with confidence, whether you're a beginner or a veteran.


  • Year 1
  • Teaching Residents will complete a one-year apprenticeship.
  • Residents will fully participate as a staff member at The Bayard School or Gauger-Cobbs Middle School with a full-time teacher advisor.
  • Residents will receive a stipend and a scholarship to Relay GSE.
  • Residents will take on increasing amounts of instructional responsibility over the course of the year.
  • Year 2
  • Upon successful completion of Year 1 of the residency, residents will be eligible to become full-time teachers of record in the Christina School District.
  • Upon successful completion of Year 2 of residency, teachers will earn a Master of Arts in Teaching degree from Relay GSE and be eligible for a standard certificate in Education.

    To be eligible for the Relay Teaching Residency, candidates should have a:

    • Bachelor’s degree with a record of personal, professional, and/or academic achievement– Minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0. Please reach out if your undergraduate GPA is between a 2.75 and 3.0.
    • Commitment to and experience (preferable) working with underserved communities.
    • Determination to drive student achievement and set high expectations for all students (Interview).
    • Demonstrated expertise in subject area.
    • For additional information on eligibility, click here.
  • How to Apply

    Click below or email, if you are interested and would like to be contacted about the Relay Teaching Residency at Christina.

  • If you have any questions, please contact Dana Rae Davisson, Program Director, Relay Delaware.

    Employment is Conditional Upon Receipt of an Acceptable Criminal Background Report, a Negative Pre-Employment Drug Screening and a Child Abuse Registry Check Showing You Are Not on the Registry at any Level